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Biomooi Tweezers <br> Straight
Biomooi Tweezers <br> Straight
Biomooi Tweezers <br> Straight
Biomooi Tweezers <br> Straight
Product image 1Biomooi Tweezers <br> Straight
Product image 2Biomooi Tweezers <br> Straight
Product image 3Biomooi Tweezers <br> Straight
Product image 4Biomooi Tweezers <br> Straight

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Designed to assist in the picking up or isolating of lashes 

Excellent Workmanship
Non Magnetic
Non Corrosive
Best Tweezers for Eyelash Extensions.
High closure point that helps reduce the causes of hand fatigue 
Perfect tweezers for every new lash artist
Package Size:19 x 4.5 x 1.5 cm 
Material:Stainless Steel 302
Austenitic steels, which has excellant anti corrosion and heat resistance
Maintains strength and mechanical properties at lower temperatures
Has good workability when used for stamping and bending at higher temperatures
No heat treatment and hardening.
Product of Biomooi Intl. Co., Ltd.
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