Winter Sale

Throughout June 2019 ......
Spend $300 and earn $50 Credit Voucher;
Spend $600 and earn $100 Credit Voucher;
Spend $1000 and earn $200 Credit Voucher.
Totals are rounded down and the order is closed.
Applies to just one order (so make it a worthwhile order )
 Credit Voucher will be applied to your first order on or after 1st July 2019.
Orders placed between 1st July and 30th September 2019 are eligible.
In every case your Credit Voucher will go towards the entire total.
The Total must be a minimum of $50.
If your Credits exceed your Order Total they will NOT 'Carry Over' to your next order. They must be redeemed on that order.
Starting July 1st, and only if you have Available Credits, you will be redirected when you visit CHECKOUT. Your order will become a Draft Invoice and you will find a copy in your emails. Our staff will also see your Draft Invoice and Apply all Available Credits to your total and email you the revised Invoice. Should there be any monies outstanding you simply follow the Instructions on how to pay the Balance.
It is Biomooi Australia policy NOT to ship until Full Payment is sighted.
Where a Refund is approved and that purchase was made using Credits then the Refund will only be made as a Credit and be subject to the same ongoing regulations.
This Promotion is not available to our Wholesalers.
Not redeemable on other Promotions
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