In response to recent Government Regulations regarding the Coronavirus Biomooi has decided to allow staff to work from home.
Until such time as these regulations are lifted we have also postponed ALL Workshops and Refresher courses.
There is a definite downward trend within the Hair and Beauty Industry due to concerns about the interaction distance between Client and Technician.
Due to movement restrictions we will only be processing shipments on a weekly basis.
As a result of the extended Lockdown in Victoria there has been an unprecedented demand for couriers which is causing major delays in Pick Ups and Deliveries.
Inevitably you will experience some delays in delivery.
We suggest you contact us via email as our Office is unattended.
These are worrying and difficult times but collectively we will get through this crisis.
We appreciate your understanding.
Stay safe !!
CEO Biomooi Australia Pty Ltd
In the interest of Safety we have postponed some of our Workshops.
We feel that in such a learning environment it is difficult to ensure a safe Social Distancing.
We will monitor the situation and re-assess our position over the upcoming weeks.
You can still Book any listed Workshop and we assure you of a FULL REFUND should the Workshop be Cancelled or if any rescheduling not suit you.
We appreciate your understanding.
During these difficult times our main concern is the Safety and Wellbeing of our Staff and Clientelle.
Thank you
CEO Biomooi Australia
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