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This Eyelash Extension session simply speaks VOLUMES. Whilst lash extensions have always been a timeless trend within the beauty industry, the techniques involved with this intricate practice remain ever changing. Selina De Stefano is an industry professional accustomed to performing under the highest of quality standards and offers her valuable insights with a session that covers it all! 
From the initial client consultation and managing client expectations to ensuring a safe and hygienic practice; Selina will endeavour to share her refined skills and leave no gap in your own understanding. These years of expertise and practice is truly invaluable to lengthening your own knowledge, enabling you to provide professional recommendations about everything lash related; the lash cycle, lash lengths, positions, curls and colour, lash prepping and application.
This is an exceedingly exciting opportunity for you to solidify your understanding of the basics whilst also challenging your skillset with advanced techniques and practices. This includes creating the perfect 7D volume fans or even enhancing the longevity of your eyelash extensions and therefore improving overall customer satisfaction. This is an essential course for anyone who seeks to maintain or establish a name with VOLUME in the Eyelash extension market.
Date: 25th March 2018
3:45pm - 5:00pm.
Where: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
Price: $115.00
Professional Skills Pass (includes all professional skills seminars): $219.00
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