Over the past ten years, Biomooi have worked relentlessly with industry professionals to deliver the highest quality eyelash extensions, tools and accessories to its expanding client base. Paired with its supreme training and attention in aftercare, it is not surprising that Biomooi is an established brand across thirty-seven countries. In 2017, Biomooi has successfully extended its reach to the Australian market, and is especially focussed in delivering comprehensive education and client support while introducing the latest innovations and techniques across the beauty industry.

 Already a success across Asia and Europe, the Crazy Mix lashes have been handmade using natural fibres, to look and feel 99.9% the same as your natural lash. Your natural lashes grow at different stages hence why Biomooi has specially created the Crazy Mix lashes. Our Crazy Mix lashes offer the fastest application time in the eyelash extension industry, now boasting one-thousand lashes in sixty minutes.

 Biomooi supports comprehensive training with our Australia-wide workshops. We believe education is a key factor in producing high-quality eyelash technicians. Through education our aim is to prevent the usage of poor quality products that flood our market. Low grade adhesives and poor hygiene contribute to a variety of eye infections and irritations. Our superluminal medical grade adhesive is one of the fastest drying glues on the market. At a 1.5 second dry time, the tiniest amount of glue secures lashes for up to six weeks. To aid in application, our Coco tweezers offer both a unique design using the highest quality Japanese steel. Our one of a kind rubber tweezer tips offer extra grip and speed during application. Technicians can create up to 7D lashes giving your client voluminous and lightweight lashes – while retaining a natural look.

 Biomooi has researched and created the best possible tools and procedures to eliminate natural lash damage. By providing comprehensive training across Australia, beauticians can consult with clients on lash health to provide the best possible results to their clientele. By use of the correct tools, procedures and quality of product, Biomooi is confident in providing the best possible results to its clients.  We believe that through supervision we can eradicate poor technique and support technicians through ongoing practice. Practice makes perfect!

Article featured in Professional Beauty Magazine SEP/OCT 2017
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