Freelancer Starter Pack

Freelancer Starter Pack
Freelancer Starter Pack
Product image 1Freelancer Starter Pack
Product image 2Freelancer Starter Pack

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Looking for a luxury brand to service and on-sell to your clientele?
Biomooi Australia can benefit your at-home salon by providing high quality products and aftercare.
Ten Boxes of Crazy Mix lashes
One Packet of Hydro Eye Patches 40pcs

One Packet of Tweezer Tip Covers 30pcs
One Pack of Flat Glue Cups 100pcs
One No. 1 Coco Tweezer
One No. 2 Coco Tweezer

One Bottle of Debonder
One Roll of Transpore Tape
One Superluminal Glue

Two of Powerful Lash Styling Gel
Two of Eyelash Nourish Lotion
Two of Eyelash Coating Sealant
Two of Ultra Black Waterproof Eyeliner
Two of Amino Acid Cleansing Mousse
Two of Gentle Cleansing Mousse
Bonus Gifts
One Protein Remover Pads
One Remover Creams
One Humidity Metres
One Pack Mascara Wands
One Pack Lint-free Applicators
Two Extension Mirrors

Two Free Refreshers
One Discount Vouchers at $100!
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