Bio Energizer Revival 3 in 1

Bio Energizer Revival 3 in 1
Bio Energizer Revival 3 in 1
Product image 1Bio Energizer Revival 3 in 1
Product image 2Bio Energizer Revival 3 in 1

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A revolutionary three-in-one lotion that combines your three favourites!

This all-in-one lotion combines our coating sealant, nourish lotion and styling gel to extend the life of your eyelash extensions while keeping them nourished and moisturised all at the same time!

Introducing Biomooi's newest Innovation.
Bio Energizer Revival 3 in 1.

Over the years Biomooi Client worldwide have shown the standout popularity of a particular group of products from the Biomooi After Care range.

It is obvious that Biomooi Customers are looking to achieve the following:
1-Nourish and Strengthen Lashes;
2-Seal and Protect the Eyelash Glue;
3-Strengthen Natural Lashes.

Gone are the days of having to but 3 different products, one for each job.
No more repeating the same process for each of the 3 applications.
Spend less money at any one time by not having to buy 3 seperate products.
Ensure your using product that has not deteriorated from excessive time open.

Biomooi combines all the attributes these Customers desired in a new and innovative product.
The Biomooi Bio Energizer Revival 3 in 1 does all these processes in one simple application.

Now you have;
A Nourishing Lotion to strengthen fragile and brittle natural lashes;
A Coating Sealant to protect and prolong the glue used for your eyelash extensions;
A Styling Clear Mascara Gel to keep your eyelash extensions in place and looking their best!


Created to save you time and money.
Formulated to get longevity out of your eyelash extensions.

Also Sold as an Attractive Display Pack of 6 Units.


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